People like to pretend that they know what they're talking about when they're talking about wine. The reality is that most people don't really know all that much about wine and are just faking their way through choosing wine, hoping desperately that whatever they buy is going to be appropriate for the food that they are eating. Here are some tips for faking a deep knowledge of wine with style.

1. Know the Buzzwords

The easiest way to give the impression that you know about wine is if you know the buzzwords associated with describing the flavor of the wine. Be able to match adjective buzzwords to types of wine. For example, chardonnays have a flavor that can be described as buttery, round, or even creamy. Sauvignon blanc has a flavor that leans more towards a fruity white that's more dry. Other good words to know are oaky, jammy, which is when the wine tastes so fruity that it could be comparable to the fruit taste of jam, and acidic. If you know that your dining partners don't know too much about wine, feel free to use these words liberally without any particular context. Just try to avoid contradictions, such as saying that the wine is heavier but with a light body because that doesn't make any sense.

2. Go With French Wine

If you are looking off of the wine list and see a bunch of numbers that are far over your budget, look for wines from areas in France that are not traditionally known for wine, such as the Beaujolais and Fleurie. This will allow you to get wine for a cheaper price without you having to worry that the wine you chose does not taste great. French wine tends to be a safe bet that will impress those you are with.

3. Don't Touch the Bowl of the Wine Glass

To complete the impression that you know a lot about wine, don't touch the bowl of the wine glass. Instead, hold the glass by the stem and explain to everyone whom you're eating with why you're doing this. The reason why you hold the glass by the stem is because if you touch the bowl, you are going to increase the temperature of the wine. Red wines tend to be slightly below room temperature and white wines tend to be served cold. If you don't touch the bowl, you'll keep the wine the temperature that it's supposed to be for longer.

For more information, talk to a real expert, such as your waiter or waitress who is intimately familiar with the wines that he or she is serving.

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